Outdoorsmen and artist
The artist

In a small, rural town of Independence Wisconsin, Brandon Sura started to draw at a young age of 9 years old. Many of the first art pieces were done with pencil and crayons. The first pictures were drawings of comic book and cartoon characters.

The artist is an avid outdoorsmen, who loves to fish and hunt big game animals. Many of the art pieces are inspired from nature and his experiences outdoors. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and his daughter.

The artist uses different medias in many of the art pieces. Ink, watercolor, prisma color, and graphite are the most common medias used. Graphite and pen and ink are the artist favorite medias. The artwork is done on vellum and water color paper.

Some works of art are not on paper or canvas; they are on steel. Graphic paint jobs on motorcycles and automobiles have also been created by the artist. Some of these can be seen in the Artist Archives. The artist used an airbrush and an HVLP spray gun. Solvent based automotive paint was the media used on these works of art.


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